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Sequence Diagram Examples

This page provides a link to sequence diagram examples that were generated using the sequence diagram editor tool.

UML Sequence Diagram Examples

Automated Registration System - An example of a sequence diagram representing the elaboration of a use case for an automated student registration system. Click here to see the sample diagram.

Call Flow Sequence Diagram Examples

Call flows are used in telecom/wireless industries to represent the exchange of messages between the cell phone and a base station while designing protocol stacks.

Cell Phone Acquire Service - This sequence diagram example illustrates a call flow showing the sequence of steps that a cell phone goes though when it is first powered on and attempts to acquire service.

Click here to see the sample diagram.

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Great tool... nothing but praise for its ease of use and usefulness

-- Ian Taylor,

XCV Pty Ltd


I've been evaluating your software package. It's phenomenal. Having normally used Visio for sequence diagrams I'm used to spending too much time monkeying with how the diagram looks and keeping it consistent. Your sequence diagram editor gives a better graphic presentation and captures additional information.

-- Name withheld by request



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