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New Tool Simplifies the Creation of UML Sequence Diagrams and Call Flows

Effexis Software introduces Sequence Diagram Editor, a modeling tool for software and systems engineers that is well suited for the design of telecommunications/wireless software, networking protocols and complex systems.

San Diego, CA December 10, 2004 -- Effexis Software, LLC announced today the commercial availability of Sequence Diagram Editor, a modeling tool designed to simplify the creation and maintenance of UML sequence diagrams and call flows. Effexis’ solution automatically takes care of layout and formatting (across multiple pages if needed) allowing developers to create complex sequence diagrams faster than with generic drawing programs.

Rodger Constandse, President of Effexis Software, said, “Sequence diagrams and call flows are valuable modeling tools for the design of complex software systems, particularly in the telecommunications and wireless industries. In my experience, software and system engineers underutilize these diagrams due to the tedious and time-consuming work required to draw and maintain them using traditional tools. We designed Sequence Diagram Editor to automate tedious layout and formatting tasks, making it easier for developers to create and use these diagrams without having to fiddle with lines and boxes or having to manually move things around when something changes.”

Sequence Diagram Editor supports additional diagram elements like states, actions, timers and scenarios that make it ideal for the development of telecom/wireless call flow diagrams, interaction diagrams for system level design and Message Sequence Charts (MSCs). Once the diagrams are completed, users can print them in a variety of sizes and orientations, or export them to a Rich Text Format (RTF) or Adobe PDF document for distribution.

Sequence Diagram Editor is a Microsoft Windows® application. A free 14-day trial version is available for download at

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Great tool... nothing but praise for its ease of use and usefulness

-- Ian Taylor,

XCV Pty Ltd


I've been evaluating your software package. It's phenomenal. Having normally used Visio for sequence diagrams I'm used to spending too much time monkeying with how the diagram looks and keeping it consistent. Your sequence diagram editor gives a better graphic presentation and captures additional information.

-- Name withheld by request



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