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Sequence Diagram Editor (SDE) is a Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tool designed to simplify the creation and maintenance of UML Sequence Diagrams, interaction diagrams, "Ladder" diagrams, Message Sequence Chart (MSC) diagrams, and process flow diagrams.  
Using Sequence Diagram Editor, you can easily create complex sequence diagrams involving a large number of entities and tens or even hundreds of messages much faster than using a standard drawing tool such as Microsoft® Visio™ or even traditional UML CASE tools. The more diagrams you create, the more time you'll save with help from features like diagram templates and auto-complete.  
When it comes time to update or modify your diagrams, SDE can save you even more time as it automatically reformats your diagram as you add, delete, or move diagram elements.  
Sequence Diagram Editor Features:  
·Model complex systems using enhanced UML notation  
·In addition to standard UML elements, Sequence Diagram Editor supports additional elements like states, actions, and timers that make it ideal for the design of real-time, distributed, embedded, telephony, and wireless systems.  
Some of these elements include (see Sequence Diagram Elements for a complete list):  
·Messages (simple, procedure, return, asynchronous, create, and destroy)  
·States (show state transitions directly in the diagram)  
·Timers (timer start, stop, expiration)  
·Blocks (ideal for representing simple looping and if/else structures)  
·Scenarios (show several alternatives in the same diagram)  
·Auto-complete - The auto complete feature simplifies the creation and maintenance of diagrams as it automatically provides a list of names for messages, states, actions, and timers based on existing diagram data. The auto-complete information is fully customizable using classifiers to define available values.  
·Add documentation notes directly in your diagrams using different detail levels. You can then show or hide notes based on the desired level of detail.  
·Attach documentation notes to diagram elements. You decide whether documentation notes are displayed in the diagram, exported or printed, or completely hidden from view.  
·Print and Print Preview  
·Export diagrams in RTF and PDF formats or as standalone images  
·Powerful search and replace functionality (including support for regular expressions)  
·Diagram Templates - Use existing diagrams as templates for new diagrams along with classifiers to provide auto-complete of messages, states, actions and timers from a pre-defined set of values  
·Support for multi-page diagrams (automatic pagination based on page setup) with repeating header in each page  

To get started, see Getting Started or view the Sequence Diagram Editor Tour to get better acquainted with the user interface.  
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