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The Recent Systems window is displayed (based on configurable user settings) when the application is started and there is at least one file in the Most Recently Used (MRU) list. This window allows the user to open a recently used system file, browse to open an existing file, create a new blank system, and remove items from the MRU list.  

To open an existing system file:  
·If the desired file appears in the list, double-click it, click on it and then click the Open button -or- select the desired file and press enter  
·Click the Browse... button and choose the appropriate file -or-  
·Type the name of the file in the System file to open text box and click the Open button  
System file to open
The name of the file that will be opened when the Open button is clicked
Displays the Open File dialog to select the system file to open
Show a default untitled system file with a single blank sequence diagram
Open the selected system file
Display this help page
Recently Opened Systems
List of Most Recently Used (MRU) system files. To open an item, double-click on it or select it and click on Open button or press Enter
Remove the selected item from the Most Recently Used list
Show at Startup
Uncheck to prevent the Recent Systems window from being displayed during application startup. The Recent Systems window can also be enabled/disabled through user settings.

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