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Sequence Diagram Editor provides three types of notes to aid in diagram documentation:  
·Flow notes behave like other diagram body elements and are automatically positioned in flow order  
·Free notes can be positioned anywhere in the diagram and have an optional arrow connector  
·Element documentation notes are associated with a specific element and always appear directly before it  
Flow notes and free notes have one of three possible detail levels:  
·Summary is the least detailed level useful for high level messages or descriptions  
·Information is a middle level useful for more detailed messages  
·Detailed is the most detailed level useful for low-level details  
The detail level for each note can be set from their input form (see Modifying Existing Elements, Flow Note Element, Free Note Element)  
The note display level settings in the diagram properties control which (if any) of the notes are displayed based on their detail level.  
No notes are displayed
Only summary level notes are displayed
Only summary and information level notes are displayed
All notes are displayed
Diagram Element Documentation Notes  
Element documentation notes do not have a detail level. Each element determines whether its associated documentation note is displayed in the diagram or not (via the input form).  
In addition, the diagram properties can override the individual settings for each element:  
Element documentation notes are never shown (irrespective of element settings)
Per Element
Element documentation notes are shown based on element settings
Element documentation notes are always shown
Element documentation notes can also be included when diagrams are exported and can be printed separately.  
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