Find/Replace Diagram And Element Text  
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The find/replace feature allows you to search for a text pattern in diagrams and elements and to replace matched text with a new value.  
Find/replace operations are performed through the Find/Replace window, which can be displayed through the Find or Replace commands in the edit menu (Edit | Find).  
Search for
Text or pattern to search for
Replace With
Text or pattern to use when replacing matching text
Specify elements to search (see below for details)
Text Fields
Check to search common text fields in diagram and elements
Check to search element documentation
Check to include header elements in the search
Check to include body elements in the search
Element Type
Check to match element type during search (e.g., to find all the actors, search for the word "actor" and check the element type box)
Check to match body element source during search
Check to match body element destination during search
Match Case
Check to use case-sensitive matching during search, uncheck to use case-insensitive matching
Match Whole Word
Check to match search pattern against whole words only (no partial word matches), uncheck to allow partial word matches
Use Regular Expressions
Check to use regular expressions in the search pattern (see Using Regular Expressions)
Search Results
List of matches found during search
Matching Text
Text that was matched by currently selected match in search results list (matching text is highlighted)
Find Next
Start the search or move to the next match in the search list
Replace the current matching text with the replacement value and move to the next match
Replace All
Replace all remaining matches in the search list from the current position to the end of the list
Undo the last replace operation that was performed and move the search list to the previous replacement
Close the window
Displays this topic
To view the element associated with a particular match:  
·Double click on an entry in the search list  
·Select an entry in the search list and press Ctrl+Enter  
The diagram/classifier containing the match will be displayed. For diagram element matches, the associated element will be selected.  
Search List Fields  
Name of the element where the match occurred
Type of element that was matched (this value can be searched for using the Element Type option)
Field of the element where match occurred
Location of the element (full name of the diagram or classifier)
Full text that was searched to find match
Limiting Search to Certain Elements  
The Search In group contains several options to limit the search to certain elements or fields within elements. The Elements combo box provides several alternatives to limit the type system elements to search:  
<All Elements>
All types of elements are searched
Active Element Only
Only the active diagram is searched
<All Diagrams>
All diagrams are searched (classifiers are not searched)
Sequence Diagrams
Same as all diagrams
Only classifiers are searched (diagrams are not searched)
Replacing the source/destination of diagram elements with some other value is not supported at this time.  
See Also  
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