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Classifiers represent the class or type of actors, objects, or units in a sequence diagram. The classifier stores the set of messages, message attributes, states, actions, blocks and timers associated with its instances.  
In Sequence Diagram Editor, classifiers are used to simplify and speed up diagram creation and modification by providing auto-complete hints in the input form based on the information stored in the classifier.  
There are two types of classifiers:  
·Class classifiers - Store messages in a single list with the same set of messages available irrespective of the source  
·Unit classifiers - Store messages in interface lists, where the classifier of the message's source dictates the set of messages that are available  
Unit classifiers can have completely difference message lists depending on the source of the message. This is useful when modeling systems that define explicit interfaces between units or components.  
Class classifiers behave like traditional objects where the interface is the same regardless of the caller.  
Classifier Tasks:  
·Create a classifier  
·Associate classifier with header actor, object, or unit  
·Edit classifier properties  
·Delete classifiers  
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