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The diagram in figure 1 represents the acquire service scenario for a cell phone after a power up (click here to see diagram without guidelines).

Figure 1 - Cell Phone Acquire Service Scenario

This sample diagram demonstrates several of the diagram elements useful for wireless/telecom design such as states (line 19), actions (line 15), diagram links (line 20), steady states (line 16) and scenarios (lines 10-20).

See the full list of diagram elements supported by Sequence Diagram Editor.

You can also see the RTF and PDF exports of the diagram. NOTE: while the exported RTF document tends to be rather large, opening this document with Microsoft Word and saving it as a Word document considerably reduces the size of the files (sometimes by a factor of 20 or more.)

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Great tool... nothing but praise for its ease of use and usefulness

-- Ian Taylor,

XCV Pty Ltd


I've been evaluating your software package. It's phenomenal. Having normally used Visio for sequence diagrams I'm used to spending too much time monkeying with how the diagram looks and keeping it consistent. Your sequence diagram editor gives a better graphic presentation and captures additional information.

-- Name withheld by request



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